The Story of Piglet...

It was Martin Luther King Day, 2001. My (now)husband was driving home from a meeting. He called me on the cell phone while he was stopped as a train passed by in front of him. He said that he looked out the window and he could see a white rabbit in someone's yard. This had been the 7th straight day of below-freezing temperatures, and the ground was snowy and icy. It's a miracle that this white rabbit could be spotted at all! So I got on my warmest winter clothes and raced over to save the rabbit.
We started to follow this little white bunny all over the lawn. He ran over to a little pricker bush that he must have been using for protection, but it gave him no shelter from the cold. After a few minutes, he let me grab him up and take him to the warm car. (I wonder if he knew that this was his last chance?) All the way home, he was petted and talked to. He was brought into Bing's home. He had a carpet laid down for him in the kitchen and that room was sectioned off for him. He ate a whole bowl of salad, some pellets, and hay. He fell asleep immediately after eating and drinking. The next day, we planned to get him a spot at the Rabbit Rescue. We tried to get Bing a friend several times, but she really disliked other rabbits, so we thought for sure we would have to give him up after rehabilitating him and serving as a foster home for him..

At this time, Bing was still going to bed in her bin (she was young still). But there was only one big bin, so the white bunny had to stay in the small bin. Unlike Bing, he was only too happy to be in this safe, cozy and comfortable bin for bedtime. Well, after taking a better look at this rabbit, we could see that his ears were badly infected with ear mites. His feet were bleeding and cracked from the cold and ice, and his ears were frostbitten at the ends. He was skinny, and his head showed a dark grease spot - probably from when he tried to seek shelter under a car. We took him to the vet as soon as we could get an appointment (a couple of days later) and he confirmed that the little white bunny was starving, frostbitten, and badly infected. We took special care of his ears, and even though he hated it, we were carefull to give him his ear drops every day. The next week, when we took him back to the vet, the vet couldn't believe it! His ears were completely healed of the infection, and the frostbitten tips were healing well too. Of course, at this point, it was too late...there will be no giving up of this little white miracle bunny who we now called"Piglet". Piglet was no longer in his Foster Home, but he was now in his Forever Home.

We scheduled Bing and Piglet for surgery together. Bing was now old enough and Piglet was never neutered. After surgery, we had to pick them up earlier than expected since the vet was concerned about their stress level. So we picked them up and each one went in his/her respective bin to rest and recover. Piglet was right up and about the next day. Bing needed several days and moved pretty slowly for another week or two.

But soon after, we started to introduce them to eachother. To our surprise, Bing really took to Piglet and Piglet found comfort with Bing's presence. They snuggle together all the time, and Bing is always sure to clean Piglet's ears well for him.

Piglet is learning to trust us more and more and is now in the swing of things. We'll never know for sure, but we think Piglet was kept in a cage and not petted very often. He is adjusting well to his new forever home where he gets plenty of attention, has lots of room to run, and has a companion rabbit who really loves him.

     When Bing left for the Rainbow Bridge, Piglet grieved terribly. he just sat there rocking back and forth. So we knew we needed to introduce him to a new friend. We adopted Millie in the fall of 2007, and she and Piglet have been best friends ever since.